Looking for the best crypto exchanges or brokers to buy Ethereum in Canada? How and where to buy Ethereum in Canada? Read this article and find out!

This is the perfect article for those looking to own Ethereum and are interested in becoming a part of the cryptocurrency community. In this article, we will discuss how and where to buy Ethereum in Canada, by assuming that you are with a Canadian bank, you are familiar with cryptocurrencies (especially Ethereum), and you are ready to purchase.

We are going to present you the best and most popular crypto exchanges that will help you invest in Ethereum. Let’s start:

    • Coinbase – One of the best and most popular exchanges on the market. The verification process is fast and if you first verify two pending credits, they will put directly on your credit card and confirm your identity with uploads of your ID. When it comes to the fees, you should know that the fees are 3.99% for funding your account by using your credit or debit card. Please keep in mind that this is the only option for Canadians. The limit is $250 per week and this limit can increase after purchasing $500 of Ethereum and other digital currency. This is the largest of the crypto exchanges on the market. Their website is easy to navigate, modern, and includes all the information you need. They are also great about publishing informative and educational blogs and articles on cryptocurrency.
    • Coinsquare – Another great crypto exchange to take into consideration. The verification process is not slow, however, it is not fast either. You can upload copies of your ID, signed documents, address verification or a selfie with your ID and your account will be successfully verified. Considering the fact that this exchange is based in Canada, there are various funding options for you to keep in mind. There are two options that are cost-effective and most convenient for Canadians – e-transfer (5%) and Interac Online (3.5%). The trading fee is 0.2%. When it comes to the limits, you should know that the first deposit has a limit of $30 and after the first deposit, you can deposit $300 and then $1200.

  • QuadrigaCX – Once you will open and see their official website, you will realize that they are pretty simple and basic and their site looks like a traditional banking site. If you want, you can withdraw funds to your bank in Canada, easily and smoothly. When it comes to the verification process, you should know that it is fast. All you need to do is scan your ID or take a couple of selfies. When it comes to the fees, you should know that this exchange is also based in Canada which means that they offer various options for funding. With QuadrigaCX you have 2 options we highly recommend you to use – electronic bank transfer )the fee is 2.5%) and the other option is Interac Online (the fee is 1.5%). The trading fee is 0.5%. There are no limits.

In order to choose the right exchange service or the right broker, you need to first determine your needs and see what exactly you want to do. As you can see each crypto exchange has its own rules, limitations, pros and cons. So, our advice to you is determine your needs and budget first, consult with friends who have experience with buying Ethereum in Canada, pick an exchange service and buy your first crypto coins! Make the right choice! Good luck!